The Indian School of Tennis through its sports consulting and marketing arm provides an access to the Universities in the United States Of America. A PROFESSIONAL SEARCHES FOR THE OPTION THAT BEST SUITS EACH PLAYER

Many Indian Tennis Players students have, after having played the Prestigious National and International Circuit and after finishing their final upper-secondary school exams in accordance with the Indian education system, successfully gone on to study in other parts of the world.

At the Indian School of Tennis, we manage access to universities in the United States by searching for the best option for each player. We also help them find sports scholarships, which allow the students to complete their degrees while playing top-level tennis in the United States.

Students can attend university and play top-level tennis.

The Indian Tennis Schools extensive network, we are able to recommend our students to coaches at the best universities in the United States and help them find scholarships that will help them live the dream of studying and playing in America. At the Academy, we work with students one-on-one to explore the options that match their interests and capabilities. Scholarships are a fantastic reward for all the time, energy and money invested in their athletic and academic careers.